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Bullion Company Luxembourg

the company for precious metal and safe storage

We’ve been successfully established in Luxembourg in the trade business with precious metal for the past twenty years. Moreover, we have been a certified and acknowledged producer of precious metal alloys (specifically dental alloys) for several years. A tradition for trade with precious metal runs in the family.

 „Gold has a physical identity“

Gold is not a simple number on a sheet of paper and it can’t be discretionarily reprinted. Gold has been rare and coveted for thousands of years, either as jewellry, payment method or even for medical purposes. For future times, the appeal as well as the value of gold will persist. In times of crisis and uncertainty, requests for the purchase of precious metal - especially gold for investment - from our long-time clients have multiplied. Thus, we’ve decided to launch a company specifically designed for investment products.                                                       

„We want our customers to be satisfied“

The Bullion Company Luxembourg is composed of a handful of partners with diverging professional background, meaning precious metal trade, alloy production, investment banking, etc. Through those partners, expert knowledge, professional expertise and operating experience are tied up within the company. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information and counselling.

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